Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bahia del Sol to Chiapas

After crossing the bar coming out of Bahia del Sol we set our course almost due west for Chiapas.  It was about 8 AM when we crossed the bar, so we had a full day of mostly motoring until nightfall.  It was quite pleasant with calm seas and just a light breeze.  All of that came to a halt when at about midnight the rain and lightning started with a vengeance.  The rain was literally hammering down at a rate I would estimate at several inches or more per hour.  There was lightning all around.  The wind came up to about 20 knots or so, but we continued motoring as the wind was the result of the squalls and was up and down and coming from various directions as the system moved over us.  It continued like that until about 6 AM when the rain suddenly came to a stop.

Day 2 was much different.  It was a wonderful day with cooler temperatures and a 10 – 12 knot breeze off the beam.  We sailed most of the day making 5 knots or more.  About mid afternoon we calculated the remaining distance and our current speed and realized that unless we changed it up, we would arrive in Chiapas in the middle of the night.  We had to slow it up.  The solution was to fall off and tack out to sea for several hours and then back toward shore for several hours.  Our forward progress toward Chiapas was reduced to about 2 knots, but we were sailing at about 6 knots and having a great time.  Later that night when the wind died, we simply killed the motor and drifted for an hour or so until we had daylight and enough visibility to enter the harbor.

We made our way into the harbor and secured Talos IV to the docks.  Almost immediately the Navy and the Port Captain arrived to check us in and inspect the boat.  They had a dog with them, but we told them that they couldn’t bring the dog on board because of the furry crew.  They had no issues with that.  We offered coffee and cokes to them and their staff and all was good.  With the inspection and check in process completed we had officially arrived back in Mexico.

The bar crossing leaving Bahia del Sol was a bit more
exciting than when we came in.

Talos IV rode up and over each wave and then
surfed back down on the back side.

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