Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crew Health Check

As required by our neighbors to the north (Canada), the furry crew had to make a stop at the vet to get health certificates.  Here they are in their personal crew transporters ready to go.  As you can imagine both were not very pleased with the ordeal.  With certificates in paw, they are now ready for our imminent departure.

Climbing the Mast

Any sailor preparing to go to sea must be ready to make repairs to the boat as may be needed from time to time.  Climbing the mast to retrieve a halyard, make repairs to a radio antenna or simply to get a better view are all within the realm of possibilities.  That in mind, with help and a little training from Terry Caddy at Yachtfitters, both Paul and Janet enjoyed a climb to the top of the mast.  About 50 feet above the water line.  A bit intimidating, but a real thrill.  Easier to do than I expected and if done properly is totally safe.  Again with Terry's help, we were outfitted with all of the proper line, harness and blocks to do it safely.  We should now be able to do this on our own as the need or desire presents.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sailing Plan - Day 1 through 4

We are now about a month away from our planned departure. While still in the planning stages, we wanted to give everyone a perspective of what are general plan is. This is only the first few days. Now that I know how to do this, I'll plan to add a map from time to time to provide some perspective of our anticipated route. You should be able to click on the map and navigate around as if you were in Google Maps.

View Sailing Adventures of Talos IV (Day 1 - 4) in a larger map

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crew unseated

I have received several inquiries on the furry crew and their head training progress. I can report that the kitties were highly motivated and cooperative with the training until approximately 1 week ago. When we awoke in the morning, both of our furry crew had placed convincing arguments supporting the return to normal litter box protocol and procedure. The crew has agreed to use a much smaller tray then previously employed aboard Talos IV.