Friday, January 17, 2014

Bahia Bandaras to Tenacatita

The run south to Tenacatita and then on to Barra de Navidad would include stops at Ipala and Chamela. The goal was to avoid an overnight passage by making multiple stops.  Last year we made the overnight run both heading south and again when we came north.  It takes a bit longer this way, but is much more relaxing and enjoyable and hey isn't that why were out here doing this.

After leaving Yelapa we headed off shore a few miles to give Cabo Corientes a good wide margin.  The cape is known for its nasty winds and waves and the closer to shore you are the more enhanced it can all be.  For us though it was not to be.  We motored in light wind and light seas.  It was one of our easier passages.  It was a long day though and our stop in Ipala was a welcomed respite.  We arrived just before sunset and after getting the anchor set jumped in for a swim in the now 80 degree water. Dinner and we were off to bed quite early for our run further south to Chamela.

The next morning we were again off at sunrise for yet another long day for the run to Chamela. Enroute we had many whale sittings to keep us invigorated. The coast along this stretch is known as the Happy Coast and it pretty much lived up to that reputation today as we made our way again under motor and light sea conditions. When we arrived in Chamela there were about 8 other boats already there.  We did our usual thing and proceeded in past the others and dropped anchor close in and just off the beach. We dropped the dinghy in the water and went ashore to stretch our legs.

The following morning we went back into town for breakfast at our favorite jazz cafe.  We met up with Nancy from sv Shindig who informed us that Rob was under the weather and at the doctors office.  There is a bug working its way through the fleet.  After breakfast we were back to Talos IV and underway by noon for what turned out to be a fantastic day of sailing as we worked our way down to Tenacatita.

We motored out of Chemela and once clear of the islands that lie just to the south end of the bay we hoisted the sails in winds off the beam at about 10 knots.  Seas were flat and Talos IV was at her best. Winds shifted forward and increased to about 13 knots a bit later and we were making great time as we headed south.  More whale sights capped off a wonderful day.  We literally sailed right into the anchorage, dropping our sails just before motoring in to set the anchor.  I wish they could all be like this.

Our plan is to stay here in Tenacatita for a few days and then head into Barra de Navidad.  Days were filled with kayak paddels to the beach and swimming in the incredibly warm water.  One day we motored over to La Manzanilla on the SE corner of the bay.  Paul wanted to watch the Seahawks vs New Orleans game.  It was great to walk the streets and hit some of the spots we stopped at last year, especially the espresso shop at the end of town.  And of course, topping off the day was the Seahawks victory, setting the stage for this next weeks game vs the San Francisco 49'ers.

Sorry no pics to post.  It seems that all the photos we took last year are enough for now.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


After a wonderful stay in La Cruz and a great visit from friends up north it was time to leave.  We headed to Yelapa across the bay on the south side of Bahia Bandaras. It is a quaint fishing village that also caters to the tourist. There are many palapas on the beach, lots of vacatrion rentals and water taxis that scoot you to and fro.

There is no road to Yelapa. The streets are cobbled paths and you see many horses and burros. No cars! We hiked to one of the waterfalls and found a pretty good bakery. The shore excursion was capped by a couple of beers at the palapa and a water taxi back to the boat.

We are currently on a mooring ball that they charge $200 MXP to tie up to.  What a rolly night it was. As the boat swung with the wind we were side to the incoming swell.  Probably one of the most uncomfortable overnight stays we've had.  We left for Ipala at first light. It was good to be underway again.

We were greeted by one of the locals when we went ashore.
There are no roads in Yelapa, just cobble stone paths and
the best way to get around town is by burro.
Waterfall above the village.
Talos IV on the mooring ball in Yelapa.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mazatlan to La Cruz (Bandaras Bay)

We had sun, light winds, more winds, clouds, rain, lightening, thunder and steep short seas that carried us from Mazatlan to San Blas. Emma and mark were good sports and managed the discomforts in good humor. Tia got sea sick

The plan was to stop at Isla Isabelle after an 18 hour passage for a day of exploration and spend the night at anchor. We arrived at the island with first light to find the anchorage at Isla Isabelle rolling and uncomfortable. We woke Emma up so she could say she had been there, but Paul and I decided the backup plan was to head for San Blas and stay at the marina. We pulled into San Blas around mid day and everyone was glad for calm conditions, hot showers and a chance to get off the boat.

The four of us explored San Blas and had a great time doing dinner in town that night. The following morning we opted to do the jungle tour and see the cocodrillos. It was fun but the rain and cooler weather kept most of the animal sightings to a minimum. The boys did get to swim in the sweet waters before we headed back into town.

We made a short stop back into town to explore the fort and church. The walk felt great and we were rewarded by sunny skies and a lunch of street meat downtown.  

The next morning we made a quick run into Chacala and dropped anchor. A wet rainy visit kept us from too much exploration, but Emma was relieved to have good WIFI at the local café. We had a cocktail party onboard s/v Aurora who anchored off our stern. What a beautiful boat they have!

Our arrival in La Cruz was graced with more rain. I suspect we had over two inches the next day. Needless to say, we decided not to go to Buceria that day to explore. The following days saw improvement in the weather and allowed us a final 3 days with our guests under sunny skies and warm temps. The final day was spent at Sayulita beaching it, eating well and wondering why the weather was so nasty during the one week we had visitors.

Mark and Emma went with us by bus to the airport. We dropped them off and continued on to the marine supply store. We were able to get everything on the list which made Paul a happy boy. Chris from s/v Scintilla came over later Saturday afternoon and we drank beer and cooked up fire roasted tomatillos and tomato salsa with jalepenos on the BBQ. Yumm! The rest of the time in La Cruz was great in regards to weather. We left the marina to stay at anchor with the rest of the fleet. The dinghy ride into town each day was easy and we finished off the experience by going to the Sunday market for provisions. 

We sailed out of Mazatlan under warm sunny skies.
After a rough crossing with lightning in all quadrants, we
arrived at Isla Isabelle.
Sadly our stay at the island was brief as conditions were
simply not good for an overnight stay.
Tia and Louie made the best of the situation, wondering
when it would all end.
Emma, Mark, Janet and Paul all lined up for the
jungle tour.
The highlight of the trip was a dip in the fresh spring water
at the head of the spring.
Even though it was cloudy with a bit of rain, the boys
managed to have a good time.

Talos IV anchored off the beach in what appears to be
a peaceful, tranquil setting at Chacala.
Moving the camera just a few degrees to the left revealed
a whole different story.  It was Semana Santa and the
Mexicans were out to enjoy themselves.
Mark and Paul hiding under the dodger trying to stay dry
as the rain came down in buckets.
Emma keeping the fury crew company and staying dry
down below.
The clouds brought some beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
Enjoying a meal with Chris, Chris, Mark and Emma at
Tacos on the Street in La Cruz.
Emma and Janet on Puente Beseo (kissing bridge).  They
were just blowing a few kisses our way.
The famous Farmers Market at Marina La Cruz on